“Good Housekeeping” circa 1922

Book Cover











Will e-books ever fully replace the real thing?

I get the convenience and portability of e-readers and tablets, but this week end I was reminded of why I love print media in bound paper form.

There’s a second-hand bookstore that I love in east Toronto. You know the kind – stacks of books from floor to ceiling on every possible topic. I was perusing the collection of older and antiquarian books and was charmed by a 1922 edition of Good Housekeeping’s Book of Menus, Recipes and Household Discoveries.







This volume is a treasure trove of miscellany and arcane household tips, and came packed full of ephemera (old newspaper clippings, treasured recipes in spidery handwriting, and even some vintage labels for fruit preserves).





Here is a sample menu provided for a Tuesday in September ( a couple of recipes follow) – enjoy!



Ready-to-eat Cereal     Top Milk

Chipped Beef of Toast



American Beauty Salad        Mayonnaise

Raisin Bran Bread Sandwiches


Wafers     Iced Chocolate


Stuffed Steak        Mashed Potatoes

Spanish String Beans

Turnips Hollandaise

Fresh Peach Pie


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