A teenager’s guide to the internet (brief version)











We are tired of winter, so here is a prescription for an internet vacation

Oh to be young with time on your hands…time to devote to finding the coolest and freshest of what’s out there. This issue of educateria was co-created with a teenager. These sites are not going to further the cause of finding a cure for cancer, but they are fun and outside the box. Click on the title of each to be delightfully transported and enjoy!


Lately I am obsessed with gifs. This is the biggest archive of gifs on the internet…we think.

LifeScouts on Tumblr

Achievement badges for life. Affirmations of previously unrecognized, yet important, accomplishments. I want them!

English Russia (Russia in English)

Daily updates from Russia. Fascinating. Strangely compelling.


Have you ever wanted to be a code warrior?  Tip: Do this in Starbucks where everyone can see you “typing”


The equivalent of the Encyclopedia Britannica, except for every kind of meme. Exhaustive and complete.

Humans of New York (HONY)

Perfect and beautiful New York stories captured in photography and bios

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