You are a Knowledge Curator














What do you collect when it comes to knowledge, skill and learning?


Our collections of knowledge are built over months, years and decades. We are all collectors of a singular miscellany of knowledge and skills. What is prized by one may not be assigned equal value by another. A quick example: I had a neighbor who did his doctoral thesis on medieval witch trials…in a specific region of Poland. (I think someone needs to do a doctoral thesis on doctoral theses).


Some people are intentional, assiduous collectors – their mind a perfect gallery. Some accumulate by chance and circumstance – a drawer of buttons and bits of string, but also containing rare and necessary objects.


Some learning costs us dearly and we value it accordingly: “This took me years to master.” When it costs nothing, when it’s effortless, do we assign a lesser value? (“It just comes naturally.”)


Some display their wealth of knowledge in opulent pride (which can be off-putting). Others hoard their wealth in private, only offering a rare glimpse or glimmer (which is intriguing). Who overestimates the value of what they’ve learned? Who underestimates it by far? Who suddenly changes their mind and their path and decides to start over?


The most prized collections are not easily achieved. Always alert for the dusty treasure in a forgotten corner. In the end what is amassed? An incalculable value.




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